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Wow! Finally a "hot" bbq sauce that actually has some spice to it! I always buy "hot" and am always having to add my own spices to get the spiciness I...more
.. Kim Comejo

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It's time once again for our BBQ sampler days, we have 4 dates definitely booked with a 5th date as a tentative date as well.

The first Sampler will be at 1PM sharp and runs for approximately 2.5 hours. The second Sampler starts at 4PM and runs the same time. The cost for our Southern BBQ Sampler is $30.00 plus drinks (we do not serve alcohol). Last year these events sold out sometimes within hours, seating is limited to 24 people for each. Due to the high demand from last year, we are taking bookings in advance: contact us either by phone or through email and we will call you back. Payment can be made by either visiting us at Buster Rhino's BBQ or through email / phone. We take the following payment methods Cash, Visa, MC, Amex and Debit.

December 11th
January 15th
** SPECIAL ** Valentines Tasting February 12th (read below)
March 12th
Tentative April 9th (not currently taking bookings)

The February 12th event will indeed be a special event. Buster Rhino's will be working in conjunction with a VQA Winery from Ontario to put together a wonderful night of BBQ and wine sampling for you. Each course will be paired with one of their wines (or a winery or brewery they have chosen). We did three events with them this summer and they were a huge success and we felt what a great time to do this on Valentine's Day. Also included in the price of the ticket will be the BBQ Pack which is chock full of BBQ goodies (rubs, sauces, salts etc). We expect this to book very quickly, don't wait

Last Years Menu Included: Pig Candy, Smokin Jalapeno Bites, MOINK Balls, Pulled Pork Sliders, Beef Brisket Sliders, Twice Smoked Brisket Lasagne, Southern Dry Rub Ribs and Hushpuppies, Bacon Apple Pie, Smoked Mars Bars, Smoked Caramel, Deep Fried Black Eyed Peas, Bacon Fresh off the Smoker.

This Years Menu: Well you will just have to come out and see, the ones that will always be there are our Pulled Pork Sliders, Beef Brisket Sliders, and our Dry Rub Ribs. Some others might make it to the menu, and many new things will be included!

First Course:
Pig Candy - many of you have heard me talk about this sweet little treat. Pig Candy is a slice of bacon that has been cooked to slightly crispy then covered with a sweet mixture of sugar and spices. It is then cooked again until the sugar has melted then it is cooled down. The end result is a product like you would never imagine.

Second Course:
Smokin Jalapeno Bites - These are commonly referred to as ABT's in the Southern BBQ world, unfortunately calling something this in the restaurant business isn't conducive to people actually trying them (Atomic Buffalo Turds). Smokin Jalapeno Bites are Jalapeno Peppers cut in half length wise, cored, stuffed with a cream cheese mixture then wrapped in a succulent piece of bacon which are lovingly BBQ'd until the bacon is done. The most common response we get from these little morsels of goodness is...OMG!!!

Third Course:
Southern BBQ MOINK Balls Sampler MOINK Balls - this wonderful appetizer is a product of a BBQ team in the US. They took off virally in 2009 and you can find reference to this product on pretty much every BBQ board in the world at this point. You take a precooked Italian meatball, wrap it in bacon, the sprinkle a rub on them. They are then BBQ'd to perfection.

Fourth Course:
Southern BBQ Pulled Pork Sampler Pulled Pork Slider - Pulled Pork in the Southern US is called "BBQ", so this wonderful BBQ sandwich comes with a side of coleslaw. If you want to truly try it Southern Style you will put the coleslaw right on the slider. Pulled Pork is our Signature product that we produce and sell the most of. We slow smoke this product for 16+ hours with real cherry wood which produces a nice sweet smoke taste and wonderful smoke ring to it.

Fifth Course:
Southern BBQ Brisket Sampler Beef Brisket Slider - Our beef brisket is by far our most under rated product by our customers. The usual pattern is a customer orders pulled pork for months, then we convince them to try the brisket. 99.9% of the time we get this look of amazement and the words "why didn't I eat this sooner". Brisket is probably the toughest product we have to cook correctly. Luckily I was taught by a Texan that knew exactly how to make a killer Brisket. It comes with a wonderful side of Sweet Potato Salad.

Sixth Course:
Southern BBQ Twice Smoked Brisket Lasagne Sampler Twice Smoked Brisket Lasagne - Forget about everything you thought you loved about lasagne. This delectable treat is prepared with our Brisket then slowly baked in our smoker. The topping is truly a smoked cheese, and if you like smoked cheese this product will absolutely send you over the edge. The flavour that is already in our wonderful Brisket is also throughout the entire lasagne dish which adds a wonderful smoky flavour throughout.

Seventh Course:
Southern BBQ Rib Sampler Southern Dry Rub Ribs and Hushpuppies - the final dish is three bones of our amazing ribs and sought after hushpuppies. These two products we constantly sell out of at our restaurant and we believe you will understand why once you have tasted them. The dry rub that is applied is my families secret recipe from the Three Time State Champions Smoke Shack BBQ Team. You can either eat them as a dry product (as most of our customers do) or you can smother them in one of our three homemade BBQ sauces.

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